Make deployments even more robust

I’m sad to say, but me and inploy parted ways. I just need even more robustness in deployment. I don’t want to get the whole deployment screwed up just because of the git repo cannot be fast-forwarded. I don’t want to screw my deployment on any issue.

I ended up returning to Vlad. The journey to Inploy had it’s advantage though. Continue reading

Add Authlogic and Lockdown to your rails app

This is not the first time I met Lockdown.  I wanted to use it earlier.  According to the docs, it was awesome.  Real RBAC with no hassle.  However, when I tried to actually use it, it locked my app down.  Completely.  In the end I gave up, and started over with Clearance.  It was good and it worked as intended, but it’s still an authentication layer, with no roles / groups / whatever defined.  I tried Acl9 out too, which did it’s job, but role definitions were scattered throughout the controllers.  Then I fed up with Clearance too, it made too much noise in my application.  I ended up having Authlogic with some sort of Acl9, but it just not felt right.

However, a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that Lockdown reached 1.0.  Moreover, now it has Authlogic support, and even model-level permissions!  Yikes!  Of course fighting lockdown not to lock down everything was not easy, especially in the tests.  I think it is worth to have my experiences documented. Continue reading

Add form fragments dynamically

A new feature of Rails is the ability of manipulating related models.  While it’s great, dynamically adding / removing nested model entries is not an established way.  However, it’s already solved by Eloy Duran.  His method was for Prototype and default form builder, which had to be converted to HAML, JQuery and Formtastic one for me.  Here’s how. Continue reading

Tárgyalás a bérgyilkosokkal

Lassan bocsánatot kell kérjek a mindent magyarítás miatti szenzációhajhász címek miatt :) Szóval az úgy kezdődött, hogy a pet projectemet egyre több és több dologgal szeretném felcicomázni, szeretném belakni az új környezetet, és eközben akadtam rá a Capistrano bonyolultságával szembehelyezkedő Vlad-ra.

Persze nézem a forrást, és látom, hogy egyszerűcske a dolog, szögletes az a karika, de aztán belenéztem a capistrano forrásába, hogy némi fícsört vigyek a vlad-ba, és azt kell mondjam, akkor már a bérgyilkos szakasz.  Nem teljesen egyértelmű a használata, de azért jól ki lehet jönni vele. Continue reading