Switch to nginx

Every now and then I hear the question: how can I replace apache? It eats too much memory.

That’s true. We started web hosting in small scale. Now we have much more performant machines, even if we’re still in the same scale. And then, we realized we don’t need this amount of CPU, that amount of RAM, but we still need our stuff separated. We started using VPS.

My usual wise but entirely unhelpful answer was like use nginx. Being an apache user, I couldn’t even tell whether it will fit in.

Hell, it’s about time. Continue reading

Add form fragments dynamically

A new feature of Rails is the ability of manipulating related models.  While it’s great, dynamically adding / removing nested model entries is not an established way.  However, it’s already solved by Eloy Duran.  His method was for Prototype and default form builder, which had to be converted to HAML, JQuery and Formtastic one for me.  Here’s how. Continue reading