Oplog divergence madness

I never thought I’ll ever blog about ClearCase, but I have to write about the latest issue I had.

One of the sites I maintain has a couple of VOBs (Versioned Object Base, it’s called repository in other version control systems) which got corrupted. Someone from NAS team (it’s not your home NAS system) tweaked with NFS parameters, and locked out the VOB server for a couple of seconds. It’s not nice.

Anyways, the server reboots every now and then, to add more spice. Continue reading

Electronic invoicing in Hungary — in Hungarian

Note to my intl readers: sorry for this rant in Hungarian.

Látván a remek Harvest, FreshBooks, vagy az európai InvoiceMachine rendszereket bizony elszomorító, hogy Magyarországon miért kellett körbebástyázni ezt a területet egy mikrovállalkozásnak nem betartható szabályokkal, amikhez hasonló más országokban (értsd: Egyesült Királyság és Amerikai Egyesült Államok — elvégre sznob vagyok) nem léteznek. Continue reading

Switch to nginx

Every now and then I hear the question: how can I replace apache? It eats too much memory.

That’s true. We started web hosting in small scale. Now we have much more performant machines, even if we’re still in the same scale. And then, we realized we don’t need this amount of CPU, that amount of RAM, but we still need our stuff separated. We started using VPS.

My usual wise but entirely unhelpful answer was like use nginx. Being an apache user, I couldn’t even tell whether it will fit in.

Hell, it’s about time. Continue reading

Make deployments even more robust

I’m sad to say, but me and inploy parted ways. I just need even more robustness in deployment. I don’t want to get the whole deployment screwed up just because of the git repo cannot be fast-forwarded. I don’t want to screw my deployment on any issue.

I ended up returning to Vlad. The journey to Inploy had it’s advantage though. Continue reading

Make rails3 deployment more robust with inploy

I never touched Capistrano, it looked like a rake spinoff. I started using Vlad instead (my post in Hungarian), but at some point, it started to be very frustrating. Deployment took too long, deployment versions lost their meaning (you won’t remember which was the last one which worked well), and all these small things led me to Inploy by Diego Carrion. Continue reading

Add Authlogic and Lockdown to your rails app

This is not the first time I met Lockdown.  I wanted to use it earlier.  According to the docs, it was awesome.  Real RBAC with no hassle.  However, when I tried to actually use it, it locked my app down.  Completely.  In the end I gave up, and started over with Clearance.  It was good and it worked as intended, but it’s still an authentication layer, with no roles / groups / whatever defined.  I tried Acl9 out too, which did it’s job, but role definitions were scattered throughout the controllers.  Then I fed up with Clearance too, it made too much noise in my application.  I ended up having Authlogic with some sort of Acl9, but it just not felt right.

However, a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that Lockdown reached 1.0.  Moreover, now it has Authlogic support, and even model-level permissions!  Yikes!  Of course fighting lockdown not to lock down everything was not easy, especially in the tests.  I think it is worth to have my experiences documented. Continue reading